The Cutest Gift Wraps

Do you have a habit of waiting till the last minute to get into holiday gift wrapping chores? I'm usually the one who gets most of her gifts ready by early December. Being the shopaholic that I am, it's easy for me to understand that every celebration needs the perfect gift to accompany it. ;) Oh well, not everyone would agree with me on that philosophy. One of my favourite aspects of receiving a gift, is its gift wrap. I love a thoughtfully wrapped gift. Beautiful Revelry has a small variety of gift wrapping tools for all occasions to give your gifts that extra oomph of style. 

One common question I receive often is one that many of us face when perking up a gift wrap. How do you add affordable 3D details that look tasteful? One way to spice up the presentation of many gifts is to seal it with a ribbon, a note/tag with a handwritten note, and a kusudama topper!

If 3D packages aren't your thing, you might fancy these bitty favour bags and some lovely cotton bakers twine. These are just a few examples ( from my clearance sale selection ) of how gifts can be made beautiful from just using plain wrapping paper alone. I'll be adding gorgeous new gift wrapping merchandise soon, so I'm letting these lovely props go as low as half their original prices. I trust you'll love these as much as I do, and have lots of fun styling your heartfelt gifts and messages with them!

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Children do this almost every day. For the longest time, I was the child. Having grown up in a strict and structured household, I broke momentarily free when I started working back in the early 2000s. I loved the freedom that being a working adult brought, and was quick to find myself. In a matter of months, I learnt that despite my many fears and paranoia, I love trying new stuffs. I wasn't always the one who shouted 'yes!' but with a little cajoling, I could be lured into many things. As you might have figured, this didn't always work out for the best, and I did have some bad days to deal with as a result of my new found freedom.

Things evidently worked out well for me. Eventually. So just like many adults would, I slipped into the routines of life. Routines that became even more mundane after motherhood settled in. Recently, I've been listening to Joyce Meyer who woke me up to the reality that I'm in. I've began to see how many opportunities I missed out to grow and learn from. In the name of routines and duties, I have failed to expand my horizons, fulfil my dreams, and build my confidence.

I admittedly ( and thankfully! ) am not the most boring 30something year old that I know. But I'd love to revive that old curious self. Regardless of size or importance, everyday in itself is something new. So why not indulge in it fully? That above picture was taken by my husband when I was pregnant with Keith. I've only seen the railway tracks from a distance my entire life, and he suggested we took a quick stroll on it before I lost the opportunity, forever.

Spontaneity. Perhaps that's what I'm craving. When was the last time you did something for the first time? Can you recall it?

Camping Invitations

We're just about a month away from the September school holidays, and I hope to be much better equipped this time around. June's month long break from school caught me off guard when an extremely bored Keith threw his weight around the last couple of weeks. If you're the sort of parent who signs your child up with plentiful of activities, do find time to enjoy a family day with the kiddos before the holiday ends. Even better, invite some friends!

Camps are a great way to gather with friends and neighbours while keeping the little ones excited, too. In a city-state like Singapore, plentiful of families pitch tents and host barbeque sessions within parks and beaches ( with legal approval, of course! ). If you're not up for the fuss, simply set up a tent in your living room, push the furnishings aside, dim your lights, prop up that torchlight, and your kiddos will thank you. Print out a picnic invitation or two, pass them out to your friends, and enjoy an evening outside, or in!

ps: are you decked out in red & white today? happy 49th birthday, Singapore!

The Beauty of Monograms

I love a good monogram. Especially one that combines etched and hand-drawn designs with modern day art. There's an undeniable beauty in their conception. What's wonderful about monograms, is that almost anything can be monogrammed. By anyone. By hand, by digital softwares, or by authentic tools, just about anything can be monogrammed on.

As a freelance designer, I've had the opportunity to work with some parents in creating monogram posters for their precious ones' nurseries. The art of creating a monogram can be fairly easy if you know exactly what style you'd like. The one below lends a bold statement. Claire's parents wanted a clean look, and requested for the design to share the feel of their industrial-styled home. I styled a cursive 'C' which softened the chalk background it was on. Basic black and white colour scheme was incorporated to compliment their home colours.

Lil E's mum wanted a wet, watercolour appeal with colours of pink and green. I love the forest green on this piece which quickly added a touch of class and depthness. In the future I hope to create more personalized monogram products and maybe rubber stamps - that would be so cool! The options however are endless. 

I hope you've learnt a thing or two about creating your own monograms. Feel free to reach out to me if you'd like some suggestions! 

All posters shared with permissions from buyers.

5 Favourite Party Ideas This Week

1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5

As you might have gathered, I'm in the mood for some rustic setting and desserts today. Keep my post short today to ensure I save some energy to last through the rest of the week. I have a love-hate relationship with midweeks. It's very much like the glass is half full/empty theory. I want to keep my eyes on the full fullness, but the half empty does creep up occasionally! Can you relate to that feel? Heh. Anyways, I hope these rustic dessert spreads lift up your spirits. Enjoy!


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