February Wallpaper


Happy humpday! Do you ever get that mental picture of a camel nodding your way with a friendly wave everything you say or hear that? Is it only just me? I never quite knew about that phrase till my late 20s, so it might take awhile for me to overcome that camel-in-my-head syndrome. :)

I'm so excited for February! My little one's turning FOUR, I hear life is pretty fantastic at four, so I'm rather thrilled for him. The festive atmosphere in Singapore will be back before we know it with the upcoming Chinese New Year, and I believe Chingay's somewhere around the corner too. Of course, February brings about Valentine's Day as well.

Who better to quote in the month of love, than the Author Himself? Click on the image above to download your free wallpaper. 

p.s.: you are loved.

My Kinda Afternoon


Retro Illustrated Circus Animals Party Suite


If there's any celebration that calls for retro inspired and ultra-adorable animals, it's a kids birthday party. As a stationery designer, it's been a challenge to both envision and produce something that appeals to both gender while still sticking to my style.

If I could use a word to describe this suite, it's "LIGHTHEARTED FUN" - ok, two words. After playing around with different ideas and colours, I decided to go with a neutral palette with bright white background. I love how the white lends a light-headed airy atmosphere to the vibe of the suite. 

All products now available for purchase

Of Lemons and Lemonades

Life has an odd way of throwing curveballs your way. I'd have replaced 'odd' with 'funny' in the past, but really, there's nothing funny about curveballs. They're painful, and hurt a lot more when it's a friendly fire. Friendly fire - when the thrower of the balls is someone who's on your side of the court. Except life isn't a game of whether you win or lose. It's a journey of self discovery, limit-stretching, patience-pushing, mind-boggling journey.

Today I'm thankful for new beginnings - Mondays always bring them to me with such joy. I love the combination of watercolours and calligraphy, and it's no secret I've been messing around with them lately. The lemonade mantra's been on my mind today. 

I've been filling my Etsy space with pretty party goodness. Have you had a looksee?

Beautiful Revelry Fill-in Invitations


The fill-in invitations have arrived! The amazing quality and vividly printed colours and beautiful. I'm so excited to finally put these online, and I know you're gonna love these too! Both designs are currently available at the shop


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