Whimsical Kite Printable Invitation


Whimsical Kite Printable Invitation

The sweet scent of freshly mowed lawn, fleeting moments, stolen glances, and the breeze on your skin. Unleash your inner-child with kites and balloons at your next bash! (think: copious amounts of lemonade stands, carefree children running into the wind, and light-hearted music streaming through your Spotify) If your guests are in the mood to stop and do the hula, then so be it.

Kelly Rose Printable Invitation


Kelly Rose Printable Invitation
Kelly green is a vibrant, not bright, deep green that resembles the rolling green hills. I dressed some stripes up in kelly green and paired them up with a lovely pink rose to offer a soften and feminine invitation. The elaborate serif font works complete the feminine and cheery vibe beautifully!

Wordless Wednesday / DIY Christmas Tree House Ornament


Finding a balance


Lately I've been experiencing a growth spurt. I realized early in life that I'm one of those idlers that only grows under pressure, which perhaps is why I'm constantly seeking new adventures and opportunities to grow. I love what our new home is doing to me. Pushing me out of my boundaries, nudging me to embrace new roles and responsibilities.

I'm really looking forward to getting myself a sewing machine --- it'll be a great new tool to explore something new and creative. Till then though, I'm rather contented with my hemming tape and colourful pins!

Keith has been expanding his horizons too, yesterday, he slept on his own bed and in his own room for the first time. Exciting times for us here. Finding a balance has been a challenge. There really isn't an answer to balance though, yea? I like to think it's about being constantly open to changes and learning how to juggle this and that is a calm and peaceful manner. I also have learnt that what works great this week might totally blow the next. Ha!

You can follow the adventures of my attempt at juggling on instagram. Somedays, I 'gram' a lot, somedays I don't at all. You get that, don't you. 

sweet weekends .


Pastels have always inspired me. Be it the colours, or the beginning of penmanship with the aids of oil pastels. Wax crayons really are every kiddos dream, don't you agree? Coming back to the colours though, I love them to bits. Sweet, dreamy, vintage-inspired softness. Coupled with lots of white, florals and everything foliage. Ahhhhh!

My weekend began with an empty home --- which was much welcomed, after the round-the-clock solo-parenting and housekeeping. I love my son to bits, but I do need some hours of utter silence to re-gather my thoughts and act. Can you relate that? Growing up, I was mostly left alone with my stay-at-home mom going about doing her things mostly. Therefore solitude and silence work well with me when I'm home. Keith however, turned out to be the exact opposite of my personality. He values companionship and conversations. Both of which I wanted for my child, so I spend most my days trying to adapt to his lifestyle demands. That said, I value my silence and solitude a whole lot more these days.

Left alone on a Saturday morning, I found myself inspired to create an Etsy Treasury. With only the best old-skool jingles streaming through Spotify of course. Are you big on Treasuries? Couple of months ago, I stumbled upon this tool via Etsy called Brittany's Best. It works great with Chrome where it assists you in building a treasury as you browse the Etsy site and easily notify featured shops when you’re done.

Oh, and if you're looking for my pastel obsession, it's right here. Have a lovely start to your week, folks!

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