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Wednesday, October 22

I was routinely clearing the unwanted files and folders on my laptop when I realized that it's been awhile since I updated my wallpaper. It's been a hectic month, and I can't begin to say how therapeutic it was to simply unwind by playing around with colours. I have a serious obsession with watercolour. I know colours of the spring aren't exactly easily associated with in Singapore, but perhaps that's what make them oh-so-alluring for me. Speaking of colours of the spring, anyone enjoying the slightly cooler weather over the past couple of days? I'm enormously thankful that the rainclouds are doing their part in keeping the haze at bay!

Hello, October!

Friday, October 17

17 days late, but I'm coming at the rest of the year at a million miles an hour. There's just so much going on in my life at the moment:

My little man's dress rehearsal for his first ever school concert is tomorrow. How did he get so grown up, so fast?!

Our kitchen is almost done, and I can't wait to get busy in it. Hello, oven!

We're still drilling, dusting, and packing. Shuttling back and fro northern to eastern Singapore in city traffic is no fun.

I'm enjoying the excitement of the move, but I'm definitely looking forward to settling down. Soon! Thank you to everyone who reads my blog. I look forward to keep you entertained. ;)

Indie Shop Finds: Lucid Concrete

Tuesday, September 23

White walls, raw concrete - does it get any more better? Maybe, we you tossed in some copper, brass, or gold. Natural cement lends a urban industrial vibe to homes. Mix up your home decor easily, as concrete pairs beautifully with modern, industrial, vintage, and even country styling. 

DIY Friday Roundup

Friday, September 19

DIY projects today were completely inspired by the loveliest colours from the wheel, and the simplest ideas. What are your plans for the weekend? Don't forget to squeeze in some moments for yourself. ;)


Thursday, September 18

I love slow beginnings. It's almost as if I'm an artist of some sort, watching the emotions taking form slowly on someone's face. That slow eruption from a smile to laughter, to tears and then some. This week has been one just like that. The ability to savour each experience, to fully embrace the emotions in my heart - wow. 

I haven't taken on much design jobs this month, limiting myself to just one per week. It's been a blessing to enjoy each work, without having to rush through them. When was the last time you paused to breathe?


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