Weekly notes #19 + This Week I'm Loving


The month of May always runs high on emotions. As a child, there were the highs of the impending holidays and the lows of the exams. As a teacher in my 20s there was the high of the impending holidays, again. Now as a mother, I'm always reminded of Mother's Day - it's not so much the gift than the reminder that I am loved by my son.

I've been blog-hopping today. When catching up with my favourite reads, I often don't limit myself to the newest posts and articles. Related links and recommended reads often point out posts that I missed in the past, or posts I once read but now inspire me from a different angle. It's amazing, isn't it? How re-reading something can appear often appeal to you in a whole different light.

It's been years since I've read Rosie's blog and recently chanced upon her book while browsing - wow! Her Watercolour Graffiti Cake, as re-created and shared at Sprinkle Bakes is just too pretty not to share.

My new home is a 10-minute jog away from a bubble tea outlet. I like to rationalize that the 20-minute jog justifies the additional calories. Can someone please point me to where can I find me some pearls in Singapore? Cos' I really want to make these creamsicles!

I don't always find an IKEA hack that I fancy, but this one really got me excited.

This Monday I started substituting my morning coffee with a cup of warm lemon water. I'm still crawling back to my coffee by late morning, but psychologically, I'm already feeling better in hopes that I'm detoxing my way to a healthier me. 

Fridays call for baked sugary treats. Baked sugary treats, minus the hot oven and messy countertops? Yep, somedays. This lamingtonut recipe includes store bought donuts, a short stand in front of your stove and that's about it.

Treasury #27 / Wood You?


Growing up, I had never experienced any sense of poverty. I attended a neighbourhood school where my peers came from similar classes of income. My dad dutifully went to work rain or shine, his passion in his produce kept his going. It still is. In return, my mum dutifully cooked, cleaned and cared for our family the best she could.

My first 10 years old life was in a 3-room flat in Ang Mo Kio. My parents would later tell me that the house was one of HDB's earliest projects, and they had bought it for about 10-15 thousand dollars. [Of course, fast forward 40 years, it's now worth about $300k]. Life was simple, life was easy. I never knew how many threads were used in my sheets, or if our rugs were of the trendy shades of their colours.

Somewhere around my 10th birthday, my Dad started talking of moving into a bigger home. Occasionally he'd bring me on his meet-ups with realtors for house viewings. One of those meets changed my life.

He had an appointment to view a 4 room flat that was in the block beside our home. I recall my mum laughing at the irony of shifting houses, only to move into the next block. I didn't get a chance to head home to change out of my school uniform that afternoon. As soon as I stepped into that house, it caught my breath. The delicious scent of wood from the fully parquet flooring, to the wooden piano that set in the living room. One look at my Dad's face and I knew it would be our new home. 

As life would have it, we didn't stay long in that beautiful home. It did however shape my taste in interior decorating. I never got over my love for natural materials - especially wood. 

Recently, I'm feeling myself being drawn to marble. Wood still holds the #1 spot though. ;) Links to the products above can be found in my newest Etsy Treasury.

3 Ways to Use Ladders Stylishly in Your Home [and where to buy them!]


The ancient tool and technology that is the ladder has been around since the early beginnings. Through the years, they've done more than simply serve their original purpose. From ladder matches to decorative purposes, mankind's creativity has stretched this tool to countless purposes.

What's an interior inspiration post without IKEA? In the world of price and practicality, the HJÄLMAREN Wall shelf is easily my favourite for beauty and affordability. Use it anywhere, or in this instance, use it in your bath/shower to display your essentials in an aesthetic manner.

2. Pottery Barn
In credit to its sturdy frame, I can see this Ainsley Ladder in a living room, or even in a child's room. The ladder comes together with the beautiful seagrass baskets that compliment its frame perfectly.

3. West Elm
Oh sweet utilitarian. This one just captures my heart! West Elm's Ladder Bookshelf with its open shelving beckons you to proudly display it as a statement piece in your home/study. Also, it's contrasting dividers seems to have mastered the act of design perfection.

Also, while you are at it, don't get to dress your ladder with your knick knacks!

On Tech Gifts and Reads


For Mother's Day this year, my husband surprised me with an early gift. He got me a Kindle. I recall talking about it with him early this year on how it's a rather nifty device, but given my absolute love for paper, I wasn't fully drawn to it.

He's gotten me many gifts through our years together, yet the gifts that reflect his preference inspire me most. In the first year that Keith was born, he got an iPad. The Apple lover in me was delighted. Sometime after that though, he got me a Canon camera. It wasn't something I was lusting after, but was able to appreciate. I've always enjoyed photography, looking at them and amateurly fooling around with my iPhone. The Canon eventually went on to heighten my skills and open my eyes to the beauty in everyday.

I still miss paper, but I'm making up for that with my notepads and calendars. Here's my first read after the Kindle, it was a rather impressive read. One that woke up the early childhood educator within.

The Guilty OneThe Guilty One by Lisa Ballantyne
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Guilty One

The Guilty One touches on sensitive issues, flirting silently with the political stand of child murderers, domestic abuse, and the obvious effects of them on early childhood. Lots of emotions are laid out raw, painfully putting its reader through the life of the lawyer, and the driving force that led him to professional defend child criminals against the law.

While the ending wasn't a surprise, the book did keep me glued to it till the end. I completed it with lots of personal reflections, questioning my viewpoints of child offenders and complete with the nagging feeling to contribute to my society to help victims of abuse. It got me down to my gut, like a good novel should.

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Free Shipping + Weekly notes #18


It's a public holiday for most parts of the world today. Throw in the long weekend, and we've got a holiday brewing on the minds of many. We're spoilt for choices with the many long weekends we've got on our calendar this year in Singapore. 

I've got the month-long June school vacation on my mind today. We've decided against the initial plans to travel overseas, so that leaves me with four glorious weeks to entertain my little one. Now that he's four, there's lots more stuffs I can engage in with him. He's in the why when how where what stage in life, and as exhausting as it is, it's also heartwarming. Very, very heartwarming.

Evidently, the thoughts of the school holidays is also making me miss my shop - already. I'm going to have to sacrifice some hours off my daily schedule, but really it's worth the trade. Being a mum's a tough job, though I'm sure you already knew that! I thought I'll share some fun things I found on the internet that caught my eye this week.

Somedays I daydream how my bachelorette apartment would love had I remained single. Other days I spot a close reality of it.

This month, I'm loving Lauren Conrad's 'Work It' theme. I'm all for finding meaningful relationships via networking, though won't you agree - making friends gets harder as you grow older? There's some really down to earth tips on embracing networking and maintaining a healthy attitude towards it in this read.

After getting married [read: smaller wardrobe space] I was quick to adopt the 'one in, one out' policy. Age also taught me to stop chasing trends and sticking to what works best for me - which has been great, cos a fatter wallet definitely sounds good, at all times.

I've always enjoyed Alice Gao Photography's style of photography and her instagram stream. It was such a delight to finally visit her blog as featured on Bloglovin'.

P.S.: We're celebrating the long weekend with free shipping for all orders that come in through the long weekend. Quote FREESHIPPING at checkout. Offer valid till Sunday, 3rd May 23:59 GMT +8


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