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Pastels have always inspired me. Be it the colours, or the beginning of penmanship with the aids of oil pastels. Wax crayons really are every kiddos dream, don't you agree? Coming back to the colours though, I love them to bits. Sweet, dreamy, vintage-inspired softness. Coupled with lots of white, florals and everything foliage. Ahhhhh!

My weekend began with an empty home --- which was much welcomed, after the round-the-clock solo-parenting and housekeeping. I love my son to bits, but I do need some hours of utter silence to re-gather my thoughts and act. Can you relate that? Growing up, I was mostly left alone with my stay-at-home mom going about doing her things mostly. Therefore solitude and silence work well with me when I'm home. Keith however, turned out to be the exact opposite of my personality. He values companionship and conversations. Both of which I wanted for my child, so I spend most my days trying to adapt to his lifestyle demands. That said, I value my silence and solitude a whole lot more these days.

Left alone on a Saturday morning, I found myself inspired to create an Etsy Treasury. With only the best old-skool jingles streaming through Spotify of course. Are you big on Treasuries? Couple of months ago, I stumbled upon this tool via Etsy called Brittany's Best. It works great with Chrome where it assists you in building a treasury as you browse the Etsy site and easily notify featured shops when you’re done.

Oh, and if you're looking for my pastel obsession, it's right here. Have a lovely start to your week, folks!

Happy Weekend / K's Room


Hello everyone! It's been a bit quite an eventful week. Hope the week has treated you all well. We've made it to the weekend and I don't know about you, but this felt like a "double week" for me. The school holidays always mean a round-the-clock double roles for me. I'm looking forward to resting up and doing a bit preparations for the following weeks.

It seems like sharing what's currently inspiring you is an ongoing hot topic when it comes to blogging. Most of us probably start our day with a few minutes of scrolling through our favourite sites - Facebook / Pinterest / Instagram and such, before we dive straight into our cuppa coffee. For a change, today I thought I'll share some inspiring spaces right within my home. In my preschooler's room, to be precise.

To share a work-in-progress can be a blogger's nightmare, but I thought I'll go right ahead and share them. I hope you'll find them inspiring, and please do share your suggestions --- cos as I mentioned, it's really a work in progress!

Happy weekends. xoxo

cold november ramblings


I'm internet-schooled. I don't think I'd learnt this much, and exposed to this vast amount of knowledge without the internet. Now, I know the internet has it's sour points, but one can't deny how simply amazing it is. I realized something valuable this week --- that anyone can learn, even people who don't reign at examinations. I'm one of those can't-do-exams people. Alright, I've done greatly at primary school, but I admire people who can churn out everything from memory and transfer them to paper with pen. Maybe someday I'll be like that person, but for now, I'm pretty pleased with everything I'm self-learning and my own pace. Sans examinations. (;

I really ought to dig out my camera, and start putting it to some use. Now that I'm finding some inspiration to get clicky again. 

Confetti Princess Fairytale Printable Invitation

Confetti Princess Fairytale Printable Invitation

Keyword: TASTEFUL | This pretty printable invitation will serve Her Majesty well! Create a Disney-free, stylish party for that little one who reeeaallllyyyy wants a pink, princess party.

DIY Nordic-Inspired Kids Wall Art


When planning for our home, Vj and I had to tossed around many ideas and never seemed to come to an agreement. Nordic whites, black and wood was something that was on my mind from the beginning, but at the advice of a girlfriend who cautioned me that it was too 'feminine' - I stayed away from that idea. So we spent months and months trying to find a middle ground, until I finally ran the idea by him. As fate would have it, he loved it. I thought it'd take a little extra cajoling to get Keith on board with the idea when it came to decorating his room, but much to my delight, he picked out furnishings out of catalogues that echoed our selection. Good taste must run in the family, aye? Heh!

When it came to Keith's room ( and most of our home, really ) we didn't want to splurge on the furnishings and decor. We knew what we had on hand - a limited budget, and an extremely active pre-schooler. That said, just because we have a little person, it didn't mean we wanted to give up on our style. So we went with being creative and versatile. Also, we picked up a toolkit.

I wanted Keith's room to reflect his personality, and also provide him with lots of space, light and opportunities to experiment. Couple of nights ago, Vj put together Keith's first wardrobe. Seriously, how adorable is this pint-sized one? The next morning, armed with a roll of double-sided tape, some craft punchers, and black cardstocks - we got busy.


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