DIY Friday Roundup

DIY projects today were completely inspired by the loveliest colours from the wheel, and the simplest ideas. What are your plans for the weekend? Don't forget to squeeze in some moments for yourself. ;)


I love slow beginnings. It's almost as if I'm an artist of some sort, watching the emotions taking form slowly on someone's face. That slow eruption from a smile to laughter, to tears and then some. This week has been one just like that. The ability to savour each experience, to fully embrace the emotions in my heart - wow. 

I haven't taken on much design jobs this month, limiting myself to just one per week. It's been a blessing to enjoy each work, without having to rush through them. When was the last time you paused to breathe?

New works

Hi Everyone! Hope your midweek is just splendid. I've been trying to best to get into the 'productive mode' mindset, through these times of unpredictable few weeks. It feels almost alien to not be fully 'me'. Not being able to work, create, design, and such. I sorely miss this aspect of myself, but I know I have to put it on hold while we concentrate on the great move, and taking time to ensure the move is smoothly done, especially for Keith.

I got to work on a wedding suite last week though. It was a job that I had taken on before finding out the actual date of our key collection. I also spent a good chunk of my weekend browsing blog land and catching up on my neglected Pinterest. It’s amazing how quickly you get behind! I'll leave you with my most recent work.

Indie Shop Finds - Home Inspirations

Oh, Etsy. Glorious, and beautiful Etsy. You never fail to impress me with your abundance of pretty props that always confuses my definition of 'wants' and 'needs'. I've put a mental block on my online shopping for the rest of the month, and likely up to November. It's so easy to overspend when you're in the high of being a new homeowner!

Wantlist: Alchemy

Every once in awhile I come across a store that makes my jaw drop, and sort of catches my breath. That's exactly what happened when I first chanced upon the works of Belinda Evans. A multidisciplinary artist from Australia, Belinda's shop emits pictures of joyful, simplistic living.


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