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Happy Monday, from the raddest notepad I've ever made. ;) These personalised notepads are fun, stylish, and offer a rainbow of colours on the inside. If you're digging around for a non-edible favour idea, you probably should order these. Drop me a line for order information. I can be reached via email - 

PSA: Also available in an Earth-loving, recycled option. 

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I've been hearing the call for a wardrobe re-vamp for a couple of weeks now. True to my gender, I *love* to shop. Loved it even more when I was smaller in size ( and was employed in the corporate world ), the fitting room was an unnecessary waste of time. Now that I'm older, wiser, and - let's just say there's that occasional need to visit the fitting room, retail therapy has dwindled down to a bare minimum. Do you have a favourite style? I'm not much of a trend-follower, but I love to blend my personal style with what's trending in the current.

I thought it might be cool to share a little about myself, since Beautiful Revelry is a reflection of me. Bear with me while I tread this blogging platform again. I used to love to write, but perhaps due to lack of practice, or lack of reading - which I used to LOVE to do as well, writing doesn't flow as easily as it used to. Anyhoos, I've recently started blog hopping again, and here's some that did some serious breath catching for me.

  • Emily Henderson's DIY Mod Podge Chair Hack
  • Fat Mum Slim's post on how to incorporate your own artwork overlay for your photos, simply by using your iPhone, only!

Friday Favourite: Roasted Carrots


I love my carrots with burnt edges. I know they're great raw - juicy, crunchy and all. Though a well roasted carrot dish with caramelization from it's own juices are just divine! This has been my go-to carrot roast recipe for years now.

Really, you can add / replace the ingredients with just about anything. Somedays I substitute butter for the olive oil, dill, oregano, parsley - they all work well with carrots as well. To get your carrots well-roasted, you might choose to leave it in the oven a slight bit longer to about 30-40 minutes, just be sure to keep checking on them!

The key here is to experiment with a blend of herbs till you find the ones that you fancy most. Happy Friday, wishing you a gorgeous weekend ahead. 

Hello ♥


I'm rather captivated by the colour yellow these days. Little pops of yellow in rustic settings, a huge yellow focal point, just more yellow in my life - please.

Superhero Party Suite


It's usually right around this time of the year that I begin thinking of how very few party themes there are for boys. I love how Keith chose a non-gender stereotypical theme for his party, but sometimes it's really rather adorable to see a party theme that's dedicated to boys.

I wanted a superhero theme to reflect a commonness of some sort. One where it easily blends with most of the Superheroes we have come to know and love.

I worked around my signature style of hand-cut toppers. They're uber-cute and versatile and would spruce up any food items. I particularly love how they heightened the excitement over these plain pancakes.

The custom invitation offers its text information to be fully customizable. I love how all the components in this invitation create their own sense of movement and really evoke the appeal of a superhero vibe. The whole suite is available with a fill-in invitation set as well.

These fill-in invitations allow you to throw an action-packed party with an affordable option of birthday party invitations designed to build up the anticipation of your child's big day. For your little superhero, or the grown-up superhero in you. ;)


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