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Launched in 2012 as an online partyware store,
Beautiful Revelry has since evolved into a multi-dimensional design and lifestyle brand for the affluent woman.

The daily blog is primarily authored by founder Ann Thomas, with a focus on design, food, and beautiful discoveries from everyday life. We are privileged to have worked frequently with many talented freelance creatives from all around the world. The Beautiful Revelry studio is located in Singapore, and Ann currently works out of her home. 







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Etsy Wishlist: 4 Spring Styling Essentials

maple end table / geometric vase / watercolour poppy dress / wall decal

No one likes the look of a gloomy house which is probably why we're all into light drapes, and carry an obsession for windows when planning out our dream homes. We have been shopping around for some new knickknacks to be added to our office space and have found some really good additions to achieve a lighter and brighter effect within our beautiful space!


Party by Colours - Yellow Submarine


Good Reads: 91 Magazine

Have you met 91 Magazine? They are the most delight magazine for all things vintage and craftish you could ever hope to meet! I'm just a little giddy bit in love with the craft special issue right now. :)



5 Easter Decorating Ideas

Are you "dyeing" for a new way to decorate Easter eggs? I really enjoy decorating our home for this time of the year but I like uncomplicated and easy Easter decorating ideas. Still merely dunking an Easter egg in dye? This Easter, take your eggs one step further with these creative, different decorating techniques. Catch spring fever with these quick and easy Easter decorations for your home. We have an array of fun project ideas you'll love to hop into, from Easter egg dyeing, to tablescape for the little ones.



1) Ribbon-Wrapped Easter Eggs

It took us awhile to come to this one, but we love this super simple way to do something unique and upscale with Easter eggs. We used leftover Christmas tree ribbons, but you can use just about any colour or width and they'd look just as divine.


2) Cotton Swab Easter Eggs

Go creatively crazy on this one. Don't let our flower-motif eggs limit you! We love how ridiculously simple and tasteful this project was. Firstly, dip dye your eggs. Once dried, dip your swab in your colour/s of choice and Q-tip away.


3) Dip dye quail eggs - we went might Martha Stewart's mighty simple instructions on the how-to.

4) Mustaegg

Got a toddler who hasn't quite mastered the art of patience in waiting for his/her egg to dry up? A hit among the young revellers in our Easter party, we provided them with paper mustaches to dress their eggs up.


5) Chocolate Bunnies

When in doubt, go with choc! Melt your favourite bar on chocolate - we went with trust cadbury milk. Pour into mould, wait to harden, gently knock them out, and resist the temptation to gobble them before photography!



4 DIYs to try this weekend!

I'm up bright and early today for an event for later this afternoon, but I still have a little time for DIYs. This weekend I'm looking forward to Kate Spade Saturday's opening at Westgate, some family fun visiting Ollie from OKTO with my little man who is currently a wee bit into the orange blob, and hopefully a movie night with my mister. I do have a handful of DIYs to try before I get into the weekend zone though. Here are my favorites from the week! 

Check out these easy tips for transforming your kids' artwork into a modern gallery display for your home!

Gold leaf Easter eggs - so simple, so pretty.

Hooray for old-fashioned feather pens with a modern metallic touch!

Apply gold leaf and chalk paint for a stunningly beautiful succulent planter.


Top 5 Party Foods

I'm starved! I was so inspired by some recipes I came across online that I wanted to pull together my top favourite party food, at least for now until I spot something else that oozes yummyness - which I'm certain I will. Food plays such a humongous role in a party, aside from the host the food perhaps is what makes or breaks a party. Here are some I'm into at the moment, I'm curious to know if you're gonna try any of these real soon?

1) No-bake Oreo and Nutella Mini Cheesecakes -  Everyone has their guilty pleasure, and chocolate's always been mine. What's better is when I see a "no-bake" recipe that includes chocolate - my, oh my! With a recipe card calling for merely 6 ingredients, you almost have no reason not to try this one. Unless you're allergic to chocolate.

2) Boston Donuts - OH YES PLEASE. Only my favourite genre of donuts with its delicious custard filling, and chocolate glaze. I think I'm in love, although the recipe calls for many hands, or many hours. Whichever way you'll have it. If you're baking, I'm coming.

3) Lemon Tea Cookies - Tasty and easy on the eye. My little 3 year old man loves his sweetened lemony desserts, and I can't wait to run this by him.

4) Parmesan Cauliflower Bites - Crisp, crunchy cauliflower bites that even the pickiest of eaters will love. Perfect as an appetizer or snack!

5) Shrimp Tacos in Tortilla Cups - Gotta love this exotic spicy shrimp in tortilla cups topped with mango and avocado salsa and jalapeno sour cream.

Okay, it’s your turn? What are YOUR top favourites from my finds above? Any that made you salivate?


(images linked to their sources above)


Galanga Living

There are so many great interior folks in Singapore, which perhaps supports the our obession with moving / re-decorating every few years or so! I came across Galanga Living recently, based in Singapore, and since I’m swooning over interior styling lately, I thought I’d share them with you guys. Check out their product line, tropical yet contemporary.

About Galanga Living, "Scandinavian design with Asian flavour Galanga Living Pte Ltd offers sleek quality furniture and vibrant accessories for modern tropical living both outdoors and indoors. The feel is contemporary chic and the extensive range of style defining accessories provides a kaleidoscope of possibilities for indivial home decor. All products are diligently selected from handpicked suppliers around the region as well as from Scandinavia and many of them are unique pieces made exclusively for Galanga Living Pte Ltd or for the European market. Because Galanga Living Pte Ltd buys directly from the manufacturers, prices are kept low and high quality. At the inspiring shop and showroom, there is a continuing influx of new and exciting furniture and home accessories so a re-visit is always a new experience. Shop for the latest trends as well as get useful furnishing and decoration advice. There is no need to wait for weeks and months to get purchases delivered - that can be arranged within a couple of days."

A few of my favorites from their product line include: 24 drawer chest, meg 3, pieter bar stool, and the postman 10D.

I think this line is very pretty, and would compliment the industrial chic style that many homeowners are adopting currently. What's awesome is that their products would also fit in perfect within a tropical cosy styled home.  

( images galanga living )


30, You are Awesome!

It took me awhile, but I think I'm getting a hang of being 30. For a bit there, it seemed as though I was teetering on the edge, toddling around and trying to get a grasp of everything new that's happening, everything that wasn't supposed to happen and yet was happening, and why somethings were just not happening. I hope you're following along. ;) That's when it happened. Not in a flash of moment, no zip-zap-wham clearance, but it did happen eventually. I suppose you could say it's a neverending process - growing up that is. 

Meanwhile, I have so much to be grateful for. Here's some:


  • caught up with my old and bestest girlfriends - score!
  • finding extra time on my hands. no I'm stll running on the 24 hour clock, but the Creator does wonders when you ask Him for more.
  • thankful at how the men in my life help out around the household chores.

Today is for catching up with some design orders, also(!) I have big news to share next week, so don't forget to check back!



Good Reads: Sweet Living Magazine

Growing up, I was quite the bookworm. You'd always find me behind a good and thick novel, lost within the imaginary world of wonder. Storytelling always captured my imagination. Nurturing ideas and ideals, providing me a tiny glimpse of the wide wide world, beyond the neighbourhood I grew up in. 

These days though, I barely find time to sit through a couple of pages, much less allow myself to drift away between the beautiful scent of paper. Digital books just give me headaches, so I find myself engaged in e-magazines. 

Recently discovered Sweet Living Magazine is a joy to virtual flip through, with plentiful of craft ideas, and free printables to help you through your DIY projects. This issue, though dated two years old has a grand number of projects to keep Mom happy come Mother's Day. Have you got your ideas together for dear Mumsy this year?



April 2014

There is a quote I keep on my nightstand: "Make time for yourself, everyday." I often forget that it’s there – a wrinkled and frayed bookmark I made back in 2000. It rarely gets used anymore, but I've found the words to jump out at me when I need them most. When the days are tough, and my soul is exhausted, a glance at the card almost always reminds me to calm myself down. To breathe.

What if - this Q2 of the year - we don't just survive it? What if we dream big things for ourselves to thrive bountifully? What if we stop dragging ourselves through the day and start dancing in the dance? What if we start making a wee tiny bit of time for ourselves, everyday. Take 5 minutes, even if it's in your shower, and just. be. you. 

This month, we're focusing on an invincible growth: one built on grace, truth and love. It's time to shine, my friends!